Office Based Anesthesia Solutions

At Elite Anesthesia our goal is to bring value and safety to every aspect of office-based anesthesia. We pride ourselves in providing the safest, most cost effective anesthesia in the business. If you have are a patient and have an upcoming procedure please give us a call and we would be happy to go over our options and pricing for you. If you are a dentist or surgeon and are interested in exploring the option of office-based procedures please reach out to us so we can find the right solution for you.

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We provide anesthesia for patients of all ages and for a wide range of dental and medical procedures.

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The Care You and Your Child Deserve

When a child needs to get significant dental work done sometimes the best and safest solution is to have them sedated. This allows the dentist to work safely and quickly and finish all of the services your child might need in one appointment-all while your child is asleep.


Helping You Get Healthy

If you have a significant amount of dental work to get done and want it all done in one appointment, sedation is the solution for you. If you have a severe dental phobia there is no reason for you to avoid going to the dentist anymore. You can get all the work you have been putting off done in one appointment while you sleep comfortably.

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Taking Care of You

We specialize in providing anesthesia for large surgical cases that would be uncomfortable or impossible to do without general anesthesia. These might include: All-on-4 implant, 3 on 6 implant, orthognathic corrective jaw surgery, multiple root canals, and a number of other oral or facial surgeries. Please call, text or email if you are a patient or office that would like more information.



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